Teatime for May 12th


I’m having… iced Earl Grey tea this morning. It’s sunny and beautiful at the moment, so I’m going to celebrate with iced tea!

My mug… is actually a pretty blue glass. I bought Mom a set from LL Bean years ago, and now they’ve found a home in my cupboards.

I’m feeling… tired and a little overwhelmed by the fussy baby. You’d think that I’d be used to it by now! I guess it’s just a bit frustrating when I have a hard time sitting down and completing a blog post without many interruptions. But I know that one day I will miss the busy house full of kiddos!

On my mind… finishing the dresses that are in-progress for Munchkin. It’s nearly impossible to find dresses for girls that are a decent length! I’m thankful that I learned how to sew! She’s excited because she loves wearing dresses and high-heels. (She did not get that from me.)

I’m also considering doing a re-vamp of my website. My IT staff is willing to help me do it, I just have to decide if I want to tackle the project.

” Domesticity frees our minds and hands and eyes to enjoy often-neglected and undervalued skills, textiles, color, textures, patterns and comforts, all of which can bring pleasure to both the domestic artist and those around her.” – Jane Brocket from her book, The Gentle Art of Domesticity

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  1. hey this is the first time i was able to log into facebook in awhile on my computer and not my cell phone gotta say love the blog post setup you have

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