I have three lovely children. When the third was born, his oldest sibling was still under three. When I found out that I was expecting Camo, I was a little overwhelmed. Whatever would I do with three kids?! Still, I’d done fine with the first two, and decided that I had this mothering thing pretty well figured out. Boy was I wrong! If I’d known what I was in for, I’d have cried on the spot.

I thought that I knew what to expect during childbirth. This third time would be quicker and easier than the first two. Nope. It was pretty long, and really hard! That was unexpected! Of course the fact that Camo weighed over two pounds more at birth than Mr. Q had probably contributed to that.

Munchkin and Mr. Q started sleeping through the night at about 3 to 4 months. Camo had me up a couple of times per night until he was eleven months old! Ironically, it was only when we moved him out of our room at night that he actually slept. I really wish that I’d known that a bit earlier…

Camo is fussier in general than the other two. I just don’t know what to make of him some days.

God sent him to me, at least in part, to teach me about pride. Mine was unfounded. I thought that two toddlers made me something of an expert. Hah! Every one of my children has been different from the others, and with Camo, even more so. I call him my surprise, since everything about him has been a surprise. I thought that I knew what to expect, but I was wrong.

It’s funny, Munchkin is so much like her daddy, and Mr. Q is a Welch through and through, just like his mommy. Camo is just his own guy though. I’m curious to see how his personality develops and whom he will resemble. I did see something in him last night that reminded me of my dad…

While I was looking for his jacket, he wandered into the kitchen and found a potato. When I called him so that I could get his jacket on him, he came toddling out with a drooled-on potato firmly grasped in his hand. I laughed and told him that he must get that from Grandpa, who likes potatoes too.

That’s the neatest thing about kids I think, seeing something of everyone whom I’ve loved so dearly reflected in them.