We’re doing a reading challenge here at Teish Knits this summer, and it’s not too late to join in! You can download the challenge prompt list and bookmarks here. This is a strictly fun, no pressure challenge, so you can interpret the prompts as broadly as you like, and choose to do fewer of them if reading 13 books this summer seems too overwhelming. Every Tuesday, I’ll be sharing my own progress here on the blog, and I hope you’ll stop by and comment either on the blog or social media and let me know what you’re reading!

An Audiobook.

I’ve listened to Churched by Matthew Paul Turner before, but I decided that I wanted to give this one a re-listen for a few reasons. I was raised Baptist-ish, and while not strictly fundamentalist, the influences were there. That means that while my experiences weren’t to the same extreme as Matthew’s, I can identify with a few things, and I definitely know a few folks who would be nodding through most of the book. There are complaints that it comes across as too snarky, or irreverent. I don’t have that opinion, but keep that in mind when deciding whether this book is one you want to add to your reading list.

While a good deal of the stories Matthew shares in Churched made me chuckle, some left me with a bit to ponder. The chapter when Matthew is witnessing door-to-door and meets a Catholic lady who isn’t exactly what he expected from a Catholic was one that stands out to me, and the other is when he has a conversation with his dad about an unsaved acquaintance. There are some poignant truths amidst snark. I think the final chapter is relatable to a lot of individuals who aren’t completely sure what to make of the theology and church traditions they grew up in, and haven’t quite figured out where they fit in the denominational scheme of things. I’m one of those people.

I think Churched is probably one of those books that you either really like, or really don’t. It’s under 5 hours long, and read by the author. Other formats of the book are available if your interest is piqued, but you don’t care for the audiobook format.

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