Summer in Antarctica

When I checked the thermometer this morning, the outside temperature was -14. That’s 14 degrees below zero on the Fahrenheit scale. According to what the kids and I read yesterday, that’s summer in Antarctica. I have a very hard time thinking of this as “balmy”.

Global warming really isn’t working out so well for me. From where I’m sitting, an ice age seems much more likely. I’m convinced that the global warming folks must live in California. I saw a news report that aired in California about the “cold” temperatures that they were experiencing. The meteorologist was outside, bundled up in some serious cold-weather gear and declaring the 50 degree temperature to be an “arctic blast”. Well, of course they’re worried about the polar ice caps melting if they really believe that real arctic temperatures are 20 degrees above freezing!

At around 45˚N latitude, I’m a bit south of the Arctic Circle. Still, I’d say that a wind chill of -23 is at least an arctic-ish blast. I’m going to go huddle by the coal stove until spring, or the whole greenhouse effect thing kicks in… whichever comes first…

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