If you read my blog or follow me on social media, then you’ve probably heard me mention Powersheets a few times this year. It’s a goal-setting workbook that I’ve really enjoyed this year. I absolutely won’t get all the goals I set at the beginning of this year done, but as it’s printed in big letters in the workbook, “Progress, not perfection.”

In addition to my regular Powersheets goal-setting, I also made out a list of Summer Goals and included some ideas from the kids:

Summer planning! #fruitfulsummer

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  1. Order school books.
  2. Tear up living room carpet.
  3. Paint living room.
  4. Make s’mores with the kiddos.
  5. Plant something!
  6. Sort through books.
  7. Camp out in the back yard.
  8. Write a short story.
  9. Paint and re-cover the dining room chairs.
  10. Go out for ice cream.
  11. Visit a lighthouse.
  12. Replace the kitchen sink.

The lighthouse trip was added because Mr. Q requested that we visit a lighthouse for his birthday. Since we live in Maine, that’s a pretty doable idea. The biggest problem will be picking which lighthouse to go see!

Getting rid of the living room carpet is going to have to be put off due to some things that have come up. It might even be next year before I can tackle it, but I still may end up painting the room anyway. We’ll have to see. The dining room chair project is the last bit of my refresh of that room. I use laminated cotton to cover the seats of the chairs because it’s got to be something that’s easy to keep clean! The chairs are actually much older than I am, bought sometime in the 50s with green stamps I believe! I just use spray paint on the metal, and I like the color from my filing cabinet so much that I think I’ll use that. The kitchen sink replacement is a must before winter though. Drains can definitely freeze up here, and leaky faucets will make it happen that much faster.

Oh, I had grand plans for raised beds this summer… If nothing else, I want to put some pansies in a planter outside though. Mom always loved pansies and planted them just about every summer when I was a kid.

Writing a short story? I want to write something fun and short that’s a cool sci-fi adventure. Something that the kids will enjoy reading too. I’m going for a Tom Corbett: Space Cadet feel to it. (The books are out of print, but you can find them for Kindle. Completely dated science and a distinct lack of girls flying rocketships, but still great fun to read!)

The going for ice cream thing may happen more than once, but we’re definitely getting ice cream this weekend! I promised the kids a fun treat this week, and what’s better than ice cream?

So, have you set any goals for the summer? What are you doing while the weather’s nice?