Still Here and Still Waiting

I am still waiting patiently for my baby to be born. OK… I am waiting, but the patiently part may be a bit iffy. Just ask Aaron!

I wound up going to the grocery store yesterday. I’d stocked up on things a little over two weeks ago so that I’d be ready for baby. Well, it doesn’t take long for three growing kids to eat through the food in the pantry! I went there to pick up a few things, and wound up coming home with a pretty good-sized load of groceries. I can probably blame it on the “nesting” phase. (Well, that and the fact that I decided to pick up the ingredients for a particularly good batch of brownies with peanut butter and chocolate topping!) My sister found out that I went to the grocery store and asked me, “Are you trying to induce labor?” While that had not been my intention, I wouldn’t have minded if that had been a result! Alas, it was not…

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  1. I fully expected the next post I saw from you to be AFTER recovery from labor! Way to keep waiting–though, I guess you have no choice about that!

    Looking forward to hearing reports on your peaceful and timely birth story.

    And I’m willing to wait a while . . . 🙂

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