Anyone have a pet mongoose that I could borrow?

I met up with a snake outside my front door today. I was going to go get the mail. I’m not planning on setting foot outside that door for the rest of the day at this point. You think I’m joking, but I’m not! I’m seriously afraid of snakes. As a friend once pointed out to me, God cursed the snake. And I’m not seeing anywhere that that curse was lifted!

So, I see the snake, muffle my screams and run to find my husband.


I’m so glad that my husband is much braver than I! He went out onto our front steps to take care of the snake. Unfortunately, our spade shovel was not handy, so I handed him the only potential weapon that I could find. But it didn’t kill the snake. Actually, I think it just made him mad. Then he got away. So we now have an angry snake lurking around our house… Yep, I’m staying inside today. I think I’ll find that spade so that the next time I send my IT staff/snake hunter to do battle with the enemy he’ll be properly armed. And I’ll be right there behind him… at a distance… with a door between us…