New Book Day is sneaking up on me. I took my kids back-to-school shopping last week and realized how close September 1st is! I did the only sensible thing I could…

Ordered more tea.

I’ve got almost all of the lesson planning done for our first six weeks, and pared down the stuff in the school room earlier this summer. A final organizing binge will get it all whipped into shape. Realistically, I’m pretty much ready to go.

I still don’t feel ready, but something came in the mail today that will help with that.


This homeschool mom runs on tea. The kids get colored pencils and notebooks for school supplies, and I get tea from Adagio Teas!

I was showing Aaron my “school supplies” today when he asked me, “When are you going to create tea blends?” I kept turning the thought over in my head for the rest of the day. When I asked him what theme I should pick for tea blends, his idea was perfect. Homeschooling! (You can take a peek at the blends I’ve created by clicking here.) If anyone has any suggestions for a homeschool themed tea blend name, I’d love to hear it!

So, what special “school supplies” have you homeschool parents picked up for the new school year?