Ann Voskamp’s blog was one of the first that I started reading regularly. For nearly two years I’ve been challenged and encouraged by her writing.

She just returned from Guatemala. I’ve been reading of her trip as she posts on her blog, and I’d like you to read her most recent post. Once again, Ann made me think and even brought tears to my eyes.

I went to Costa Rica twelve years ago. I saw a world that my 17-year-old mind had never imagined. Sometimes it broke my heart. But I also met people of faith. People of truly amazing faith. I had never before seen anything so terrible and wondrous. And remembering that, I wonder if Ann is right.

Are the poverty-stricken people of faith rich beyond belief in the eyes of God? Are our comfortable neighborhoods in America so spiritually destitute, that we would cry bitter tears if we saw them the way that God does? Maybe it’s the people who have nothing, who truly understand that God is sufficient. Maybe when we are comfortable, we too easily forget that every single thing, every single moment, is a gift from God. Maybe that’s why our passion for Him and for His work fades.

Perhaps I need to be reminded, to have my heart break a little so that I may again understand that He really is enough.