Hey! I have my computer plugged into my monitor again! I really should write some sort of coherent blog post, but I don’t think that’s going to happen today…

I have a very good excuse though. I spent half of the night awake, and VERY sick. I feel OK this morning, just a bit tired. (My sons don’t understand the concept of, “Mommy was sick last night and needs some more sleep this morning.”) So if this post is even remotely readable, thank the spelling and grammar checker!

It’s been sort of nice to have a week’s vacation from the blog. I’ll be back tomorrow with a daybook entry, and I subscribed to a new blog that I want to share with you later in the week. I’ve also got a few story-a-week ideas floating around that might even materialize into an actual story soon! Not to mention my latest writing project that I’ll have to talk about sometime. WHEW! There is a lot in the queue coming up!

I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend. Aaron spent part of it up in Presque Isle taking photos of the Hot Air Balloon Festival, so keep an eye on his blog for what I’m sure will be some really spectacular photos!