Quilt Through All Sickness!

It’s days like this when I really miss Mom. All of us woke up with a cold this morning, so none of us are feeling great. I’m a bit worried about Camo, since the last time he had a cold, he wound up with an ear infection. He’s got a fever and is terribly fussy. I know that they typical question is, “Is he pulling on his ears?” In my Camo’s case however, that isn’t much of an indication, since he tugs his ears anytime that he’s tired, upset, or feels poorly. I so much want to call up Mom and say, “What do you think?” She would just know. She gave me great advice when it came to the kiddos. That’s something that I REALLY miss now.

I’m quilting away on a gift quilt. (Read: Quilt that must be finished in two weeks.) It’s not terribly big, but I had planned to quilt it by machine. I don’t do hand-quilting. Yes, you sense a “but” coming… I decided to hand quilt a few hearts on the quilt. Mom always said that a quilt must have at least one heart, because it’s made with love. OK, I’ll just quilt a couple of hearts and then do the rest on my sewing machine, right? Yeah, well, not so much… Once I got started, I kept going, and going, and the whole thing is going to be hand-quilted, by me. This is unheard of. I should issue a certificate of authenticity with this thing, because no one will believe that I actually hand-quilted a quilt. (OK, they might start to believe it when they see how horribly uneven my stitches are.) Anyway, I’ve got almost the whole quilt quilted, except for the border. Then Joyce and I have to put the binding on. Joyce would help me quilt, but our hand-quilting stitches do NOT even come close to matching. Hers are tiny and neat, the way that hand-quilting is supposed to be. Mine are huge and uneven, and are not likely to improve anytime soon… So, I am quilting my fingers to the bone, or at least it feels that way at times! I’m going to finish it though, on time! I am determined to!!!! Of course, I did not count on getting this really nasty cold in the process. Elizabeth Zimmerman said to “knit through all crisis” so I’m going to “quilt through all sickness”! I’d better get back to the quilt… right after I find some tea…

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