My IT Staff and I took the kiddos camping last weekend.

Camden, Maine is an absolutely beautiful area, and home to Camden Hills State Park. The Park has a really nice campground with sites for tents and RVs. Their bathrooms and showers are well-maintained. All-in-all, it’s a really nice, reasonably priced campground. Definitely worth checking out if you are ever looking to do any camping on the coast of Maine!

The kids had a wonderful time! Munchkin collected a huge pile of acorns in an attempt to befriend the chipmunk that made intermittent appearances. The boys all had skinned knees before we’d even finished setting up the tent, but that’s didn’t dampen their enthusiasm. The kids’ appetites were impressive. I guess eating outside makes you hungrier! We visited a couple of museums and took in some of the sights in the area. They even did fine with the long drive there and back again.

We got home Monday and I think I’m finally done unpacking. Camping was fun, and I’m so glad that the kids will have great memories of the trip. But camping with young kids, particularly a toddler, can be hard work. Totally worth it, but still hard work! (If any of our campground neighbors are reading this, I apologize for my one-year-old. His lung capacity is… impressive.) Today I don’t have any errands to run and the laundry is pared down to a reasonable pile. Today is my day off. Well, I still have to take care of four kiddos and a very large German Shepherd, but other than that I’m taking a break.

I decided to work on some of my fiction writing. I have plenty of “productive” things that I could be working on, but I’m in a creative mood. So here I am, researching Red Rock Canyon and scribbling away in one of my notebooks. There’s music and a bit of chocolate too.

What do you do when you have a “day off”?