At one point in my life, I wrote quite a bit of poetry. Poetry is a funny thing for me. I can’t write it on demand, and I very rarely write in rhyme these days. I’ve heard of musicians who write music when they cannot find the words they want to say. Perhaps the rhyming lines in stanzas of four are the only way that I can find to pour out my heart.

At Last


Friends and loved ones long gone,

The children never known;

Yet all reunions pale in comparison,

When you bow before His throne.


Out of pain and finally whole,

With no more tears left to cry.

God brings His faithful children home,

But their earthly body must die.


I sorrow not for you,

For you may rest at last.

Laying all your burdens down,

Your suffering is finally past.


And then you met your Savior.

What a sight that must have been!

Someday I’ll join the choir with you,

And worship Him together once again.


Until that day, forgive my tears;

I know you’re in a better place.

I’ll walk on in faith without you,

But only by His grace.


By: TJ Priest 2/3/2011

For Mom and Aunt Pam


Please pray for my Mom’s sister, Pam and her family. Aunt Pam is drawing close to the end of her life here. Please pray that she will not be in a lot of pain, and that God would grant His strength and comfort to her family.