From time to time, a white priority mail box will show up. Inside are the most wonderful, absolutely delicious pastry that you could imagine. It’s called a kringle. They are made at the Danish bakeries in Racine, Wisconsin. Aaron’s grandparents mail us some on occasion. Every time a white box that size shows up in our mailbox, I am VERY excited! Whenever on arrived, I would usually call Mom and tell her what had just arrived. Once I told her that one of them was pecan, well, she would say, “I’ll be right down!” She would stop in and have some pecan kringle and a cup of her favorite coffee.

We got a white box in the mail just last week. I’ve been happily munching away on them and some of our friends have been introduced to this very tasty treat as well!

I opened the last kringle today. It was the pecan one. It seemed strange not to have Mom sitting there with a cup of coffee waiting for a piece.

I keep thinking of things that I want to tell her. Every time one of the kids says something funny I reach for the phone to call her up, and then I remember. I really, really miss her. I miss her even more than I could have guessed. God is still faithful, though. He still gives me the grace and strength to keep going, even when the hurt is more than I can bear.

I imagine the reason why I miss her so much, is because she loved me so much. I guess that’s why there is a little hole in so many people’s lives right now. They all miss her that much because she loved them that much. That’s what happens when we love people the way that God tells us to. That kind of love, it’s an amazing thing. It’s the kind of love that touches everyone in a profound way. That’s what God can do through someone who yields their heart to Him. She did, she really did. That’s why she was the kind of person she was. That’s what God does with yielded hearts.