For years I’ve been saying that I should make a gingerbread house with the kids. Being the personality type that I am, I dreamed of a homemade gingerbread base decorated in perfect icing and beautiful candies. It was the stuff of Pinterest… And we never actually got around to doing it either.

IMG_1195[1]What would be better for a snowy afternoon stuck inside than making little gingerbread houses? Of course, I did cheat just a little. (Maybe a lot.) I grabbed the ever-present box of graham crackers off the pantry shelf and dug up a can of frosting that’s been hiding in the back of the cupboard. Decorations were whatever I could scavenge from the kitchen. I put together the basic structures for the kids and let them decorate. (Yes, the little TARDIS in the background was my decorating contribution!) I love the sled that Mr. Q made in the front of our little village. Munchkin decided that the animal crackers should be making snow angels. The marshmallow snowmen are a cute addition too.

You’ll certainly never see something like this on a magazine cover, but my kids had a wonderful time decorating it. You know what? I actually had fun with it too! No one minds that it’s not made of homemade gingerbread and icing. The kids were perfectly happy with the odds and ends we found for decorating. My kids are thrilled with the results and they have some good memories. If I’d attempted the fancy version, I would have ended up stressed out and the kids probably wouldn’t have had much fun. I have this vision of Hallmark moment holidays, and it’s totally unrealistic. Letting go of that is one of the best things that I can do. My kids will remember the fun we had together, not whether everything looked HGTV pretty.

What have you let go of to make Christmas traditions more fun for your family?