IMG_1080[1]Since today was New Book Day, I’m treating myself to a coffee! I chose vanilla coffee in honor of Mom. (Vanilla coffee was her favorite.) I may be home educating my kids, but she’s the one who set the example by homeschooling me all those years ago. I’m only now beginning to appreciate just how big a deal that was!

New Book Day is always exciting for the kids. They get cool new school supplies, fresh notebooks, new books, and we have cupcakes! Who doesn’t love cupcakes? IMG_1077[1]

IMG_1078[1]We had great fun conducting an experiment today that illustrated how hot air balloons work. You can find the instructions I used by clicking here. We didn’t use a dry cleaning bag, or use the chart to see how the size of the bag changes things. The kids were enthralled when the bag lifted off and started floating. I thought it was pretty cool too. Then we made a hot air balloon mobile to hang up in our dining/learning room. That wasn’t part of the curriculum, but the kids have been enjoying Aaron’s balloon photos from the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest so much that we thought it would be a fun project for New Book Day.

So, what are we doing for curriculum this year? Here’s my list:

  • Singapore Math for Munchkin and Mr. Q
  • Life of Fred and math worksheets for Camo
  • First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind for Munchkin and Mr. Q
  • More learning to read practice for Camo, BOB books and the like
  • Assorted printable penmanship worksheets for all three kids – cursive for Munchkin, and trying out D’Nealian for the boys
  • Spelling lists found online
  • I’ve been testing out Grapevine Studies Bible curriculum with the kids, and they’ve liked it so much that I may purchase another study from them.
  • Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt and A Child’s Geography: Explore the Holy Land
  • Science in the Beginning

And of course, there will be a lot of good books read, projects worked on, and plenty of real-life learning! I’ll be testing out new things too this year for review, so this list will change a bit as time passes. I’m also expecting that a few new topics will come up throughout the year that pique our interest and inspire additional reading and projects.

What about you? How’s the back-to-school season going for your family?