Congratulations to Lisa W. who won a copy of the Well Planned Day!

The first lesson planner I bought was OK. It was basic and inexpensive. It was also an undated planner with terribly boring pages. I’ve never liked planners with undated pages, and there is something to be said for pretty planners. The next year I did a bit of looking and spent a bit more money for my very first Well-Planned Day planner from Home Educating Family. Four years later and not once have I considered using a different planner!


Why do I love my Well-Planned Day planners?

  • They are dated planners. Every time I try to fill in the dates on an undated planner, I wind up getting my numbers off and then I have to go back and fix all those dates.
  • They are designed specifically for home educators. I can easily track attendance, grades, books read, field trips taken, and semester goals and accomplishments. There are even four blank report cards in the back of the planner.
  • There is a page of tear-out shopping lists included for each month. I can’t always find my grocery list notepads, but I can find my planner!
  • The holiday planner section is fantastic! I’ve tried those print-out holiday planners, and it’s just too much for me to keep up with honestly. Now my homeschool planner has a page for my Christmas card list, activities planned, and pages for tracking gift ideas and shopping. It’s just enough to help me keep things organized, but not so much that I feel overwhelmed trying to fill it all in.
  • NEW features! I am thrilled that they decided to add monthly tabs to the planner this year! It will be so much easier for me to find a specific month now. I also like the new two-page spread for each monthly calendar.


The only potential negative to the planner is that it’s really not designed for more than four children. Each day contains four lines per subject, and there are only four copies of the student planning and tracking pages. If you have a large family, you may wind up needing to buy more than one planner.

(By the way, my table only looks neat because all of the books, papers, pens, fruit bowl, art supplies, and half-knit mittens are piled up on the half of the table that you can’t see!)


I really do enjoy my planner, and it does make my lesson planning and tracking so much easier. I highly recommend the Well-Planned Day planner to all of my homeschooling friends! (And while you’re ordering your planner, be sure to subscribe to Home Educating Family Magazine. It’s always been my favorite homeschooling magazine!)

Now, who’s interested in a giveaway? Home Educating Family is graciously giving a Well-Planned Day planner to one of my readers! (For legal reasons, this giveaway is open to US residents only.) Just enter using the form below, and I’ll be announcing the winners next Friday!

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Note: I received my planner for free, but the opinions stated in this review are my own. I received no monetary compensation for my honest review.