Six years ago, you surprised me Mr. Q. You were a few days earlier than I expected, and you were sure in a hurry to get here once you decided to come! Of all of my birth experiences, yours was the shortest. I recall the sound of the lawn mower throughout it all. I guess it was your grandpa’s idea of pacing while everyone waited for you. You were born with your umbilical cord around your neck. It was so tight that you were blue. I cannot tell you how absolutely terrified I was in that moment. But God was watching out for you, my son, and the birth attendants did an amazing job taking care of you. The first photograph of you was one that I took of you being held by Daddy. We named you after my grandpa and one of his brothers.

So much has changed in six years. You have grown so much, Mr. Q! You look just like Daddy, and you certainly have his engineering mind. Sometimes you will do or say something that reminds me so much of the wonderful men you were named after. I can’t tell you what a wonderful thing it is to see little pieces of the people you’ve loved in your own children. I see a lot of myself in your personality, and you definitely have my handwriting! You learned to read this past year. Yesterday you sat on the couch reading The Three Little Pigs to your siblings. You always want to help me carry the groceries in from the car. You open doors for me every chance you get and often say, “Yes ma’am!” You have such a curious and creative mind. I think you can build anything out of LEGOs. Every bug you see sends you running for your field guide so that you can identify it! You are an amazing person, Mr. Q.

Happy Birthday!