Yesterday was hard. I watched my Mom’s Explorer as it was towed away. She got it after her car accident about 15 years ago. She absolutely loved that truck!

I had my first accident with that truck. A minor one involving a garage door that wasn’t quite all the way open, and the cargo rack on top of the Explorer. The cargo rack was easily bent back into place and Dad fixed the garage door, but I was sure glad that she had an hour and a half drive home to calm down once she knew that I’d had a bit of an accident with it!

It’s been mine for the past three years, and I’ve enjoyed it as much as she did. I have to admit, I was probably as protective of that truck as she was! Eventually, the rust ate away and time took its toll. We tend to drive our cars “until the wheels fall off”. That’s about where the Explorer was at, and it was time to let it go.

I know that it’s completely silly to be so sentimental about a truck, but the thing is, it was Mom’s. I’m having an easier time letting go of some of her things than I did last year, but this one still stung. Letting go sometimes feels like losing another piece of Mom. Yesterday felt like losing a big piece. I know that life goes on, and that things will change, but deep down, I don’t want life to just keep going on like nothing happened! It does anyway…

These reflections led me to pen this week’s story. It’s about a couple of guys, and Mom’s new truck… I hope it makes you smile!

“Do You Have AAA?”

“That was really an awesome movie,” Jack remarked enthusiastically.

Rick shrugged, “It was OK.”

“OK? Come on! I know you’re the world’s biggest critic, but even you have to admit that the twist at the end came out of nowhere!”

“Not really,” he shook his head and replied nonchalantly, “I saw it coming.”

“Yeah right,” his friend muttered.

The conversation was interrupted by the chirp of a cell phone signaling an incoming text message.

“That your Mom?”

“She says that she has just one more store to stop at and she’ll be out,” Rick said with a roll of his eyes, “It’ll be a while…”

“I don’t mind waiting. It was worth it to see the new movie!”

“Eh, maybe.”

“Well, at least it gave you the chance to drive your folks’ new SUV right? You’ve been just itching to get behind the wheel ever since they bought it!”

That finally sparked a reaction in Rick.

“You’re not kidding! This new model is just crazy! You wouldn’t believe some of the places that people have taken them!”

“Yeah,” Jack started slowly, “But those were souped up to handle it. Straight out of the factory they won’t handle anything that rugged.”

“Of course they will!” he jumped in indignantly, “This SUV will handle far more rugged terrain than anything else out there!”

Eyeing the fully-loaded interior dubiously, Jack pointed out, “This looks more like a luxury vehicle than a rugged truck Buddy.”

Rick spotted the median that they were parked in front of, and noted the evenly spaced sizable rocks placed between small trees.

“I’ll prove that you’re wrong.”

The engine leapt to life as he turned the key. Flicking it into four-wheel-drive he looked over at his friend.

“Watch this.”

Jack did not like the grin pasted on Rick’s face. In fact, that grin set his nerves on edge. Rick could be a bit too impulsive for his own good. The soft jolt of the tires climbing the curb sent Jack scrambling for his seatbelt. Snugging it tightly as he clicked it into place he yelled at the teenager in the driver’s seat.

“Are you nuts!?”

“Oh yeah!” Rick laughed.

The right front tire of the shiny, new Luxury SUV slowly inched up the steep angle of the small boulder. Jack held his breath and squeezed his eyes shut as Rick deftly maneuvered the front end of the truck off the ground.

“What did I tell you? What did I TELL you!” he exclaimed gleefully as the wheel crested the top of the rock.

That’s when his concentration slipped…

Both boys felt the subtle shift of the vehicle. Rick tried to deal with it, but his panicked, jerky movements only worsened the situation. The tire slid off the side of the rock, and with a sickening crunch the front axle dropped onto the stone surface.

Knowing that there was no way of driving back off the rock, the two teenagers gingerly opened their doors and hopped out of the pale blue SUV.

“Oh man…” Rick moaned.

Both front tires were completely off the ground, and the axle was resting securely on the very top of the rather large rock. It was pretty obvious that it would take at least a tow truck to get it down.

“Oh boy,” Jack sighed heavily, “This is so not good.”

“You have NO idea,” Rick insisted dismally, “My Mom loves this truck. She’s going to kill me for this.”

“You’re exaggerating,” Jack shook his head with exasperation, “Your Mom won’t kill you. She may never let you drive again, but she won’t kill you.”

“No, you don’t get it. As soon as we get this truck off that rock, she’s going to get in and run over me for denting her ‘baby’!”

Jack flipped open his cell phone, “You have AAA, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

He dialed and answered the question, “Because if your Mom will be as mad as you think she will be, you’d better hope that they get here before she does.”

“Oh you are not kidding,” Rick returned grimly.

Both cringed visibly at the sound of a shrill female voice behind them.

“Frederick James Montgomery! What have you done to my truck!?”