Munchkin lost her first tooth yesterday!

She recently turned 5, and I guess that it’s about time for her to start losing the baby teeth. I had no idea that she even had a loose tooth, so it took me by surprise! Auntie Joyce was visiting and Munchkin got up from her nap and started talking to her Auntie. That’s when Joyce noticed the missing tooth. She asked Munchkin when she’d lost it since I hadn’t mentioned it to her. Munchkin admitted that Mommy didn’t know about it because she had just lost it. She tossed the tooth across the room because she was afraid that we would be upset that she had lost a tooth! Joyce and I had to carefully look over the floor to FIND the tooth! I used to think that it was weird that Mom kept my old baby teeth, but I get it now.

I laughed and explained to my daughter that it’s OK when your teeth come out on their own, but that she should not try to pull them out herself! She matter-of-factly told Auntie that there was no tooth fairy. That it was Mommy and Daddy who would exchange a tooth under the pillow for money. She assured us that it did not hurt when the tooth fell out, which made me feel better!

It seems like we just got through with teething, and now we are starting on the teeth falling out bit. I guess that I sort of forgot about the fact that they would lose their baby teeth sooner or later! Just goes to show that parenting is full of the unexpected.

This reminded me that I still have a tooth that needs to be pulled. I wonder if anyone would swap it out for money if I stuck it under my pillow…