Middle-age and the Skincare Aisle

I was considering today what it means to “grow old gracefully”. Of course, these musings are purely hypothetical and have nothing to do with my actual age…

It’s my face that started it. I think my skin is stuck between teenager and wrinkles. It hasn’t figured out this whole aging thing either. I always assumed by the time fine and not-so-fine lines became noticeable, that I’d be well past acne breakouts. Seriously, what’s up with that?!? I wound up staring at the skincare aisle in two different stores for longer that I’d care to admit today. I ended up buying chocolate instead. What’s someone my age supposed to do? The stuff I used over a decade ago on my young, acne-prone skin dry my face out too much now. On the other hand, the options for “mature” skin are heavy creams that would make me look younger only because they would cause an impressive break-out. This is why I haven’t done much of anything when it comes to skincare for several years.

As if that wasn’t frustrating enough, I happened to glance at the prices. I still haven’t gotten over the sticker shock of over $30 for one tiny little jar of cream. Do you know how many books $30 can buy on thriftbooks.com?

Mom wasn’t one to spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning. She put Oil of Olay on her face and applied lipstick before going out. That was it. And you know what? She looked great at 50! What was her secret? I think maybe it was because she smiled and laughed so much. Maybe the reason she always looked beautiful was because of her beautiful personality. I wonder if that’s what “growing old gracefully” really means.

What do you think? Any thoughts on aging gracefully? (And if any of you know of a great skincare product for middle-age skin that doesn’t cost a small fortune, please mention that too!)

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  1. I am right there with you- breaking out more now than I did as a teen! UG! Hmmm… good skincare products. Benzoyl Peroxide in teeny weeny doses, after moisturizer has been applied. I wear SPF 15 everyday in a non-greasy moisturizer. Beautypedia.com has tons of product reviews- you can search for the best drugstore products in various products. I love this site and actually use the Paula’s products BUT I love that they give unbiased ratings based on actual science- so they admit, no miracle cream! And, by the way, Oil of Olay actually has many excellent products. Also, check out Vitacost for excellent pricing on some of the more natural products. I like Jasan Vitamin C cream, which is rated highly.

    But in the end, you are right. It is personality, kindness, and a smile all over your face that makes you grow old gracefully,

  2. Wait!! Please don’t buy another product. Google “oil cleansing method” or go search it on simplemom.net. I have not washed my face in two years now with soap or any commercial cleanser. I’ve made my own olive oil & castor oil blend, with a drop of tea tree essential oil, and I could not be happier. I still break out once a month, but I have ZERO need for any additional moisture, and no problems with oily patches either. In addition to the awesome natural care of my face, this method will save you big bucks over the years too. Try it!! ( and let me know what you think too! )

  3. Hmmmm, that sounds interesting. Of course, I love “not expensive” too! I’ll have to give that a try.

  4. This was great and gave me a chuckle. My grandmother did the same thing (oil of olay) every day. Her skin was beautiful until the day she passed at 85. As for me? I’m partial to sticking a paper bag over my head and calling it a day. Less torture and very cheap. 🙂

  5. I’m laughing so hard! The acne. The mom using Oil of Olay. She had me using it when I was a teenager, and I couldn’t understand why my face stayed SOOOOOO oily. It finally dawned on me…she has dry skin, and the Oil of Olay worked wonders for her. It just compounded my problems! Yikes. Now I just think how happy I’d be to age gracefully if it meant losing the zits!

  6. I just am at a loss as to how it’s possible to have these lines developing, and STILL have acne! LOL! The paper bag idea might be worth considering… 😉

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