There is a girl in Africa who is in labor today. I don’t know her name, but I am praying that God will comfort her and watch over both her and her baby. And I thank Him that she has a safe place to live and people who love her to help as she begins her life as a mother. She has these things because God has provided through a ministry called Mercy House.

Mercy House is a maternity home in Kenya, Africa. It provides a safe home for girls who are pregnant. They receive proper nutrition, prenatal vitamins and good healthcare for both them and their babies. They are able to continue their education right there at the maternity home, as well as learn valuable life skills. But most importantly, they will hear the Gospel! Truly, the only real hope for these young women and their babies is found in Jesus Christ!

The first time I read about the ministry of Mercy House it touched my heart. I encourage you to visit their website and read about the vision they have. Join me in praising God for the work He is doing there and continue to pray for everyone involved in Mercy House!

With Christmas just around the corner, might you consider doing some of your gift shopping at the Mercy House Shop? Some of the items available are handcrafted by the residents. By purchasing items from the store you are helping to support young mothers and their babies in Kenya!

Dayspring also has a line of jewelry that supports Mercy House, and you can shop for it by clicking on the banner at the bottom of this post.

(Special thanks to Kristen from We are THAT Family for kindly giving me permission to share the photo from her blog post today!)

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