Maine Miracles

Have you ever read any of the popular “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books? Chances are, a lot of you have. While the “Chicken Soup” books are good, I want to tell you about something better…

Maine Miracles compiled and edited by Joan Hileman is a collection of stories that will make you smile, make you cry, and in the end, leave you encouraged and uplifted. All of the stories in the book are about regular people from Maine. Each one gives us a glimpse into the life of someone who experienced God’s miraculous provision in their life. Maine Miracles makes no allusions to a “higher power”, but rather gives the glory to God.

Maine Miracles is available in both the paperback and Kindle formats. At $2.99, the Kindle edition is an absolute bargain! This book would make a lovely gift for someone who could use some encouragement and reassurance that God is indeed at work all around us.

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