Dear Little Guy,

Three years ago we still had snow on the ground. I walked up and down the stairs over and over during labor. Things didn’t go quite as expected, and we went to the hospital. Thankfully, you were born just fine shortly after we arrived.

In just three short years you have grown so much! You run everywhere and climb on everything. I’d almost say that you were fearless, but occasionally you still need Mommy to hold you when something scares you. You try so hard to keep up with your older brothers, and don’t quite understand why you can’t do everything they do.

Your favorite word seems to be “no”, like most toddlers. Your laughter is infectious though! You don’t just giggle, you laugh out loud like Grammy Kathy did.

Graham crackers are your snack of choice, though any type of cracker will do. You have a tendency to stash sippy cups of water all over the place. I can never find them, but you always seem to know where they are.

You’re stubborn, but you get that from your parents. Someday, it will help you stick with something even when it’s hard.

You are absolutely in love with your siblings. They love you just as much! It warms my heart to see how much you love your other relatives too. You’ve been known to shriek someone’s name out of excitement when you see them. You enjoy frequent video chats with Auntie. You’re a little extrovert!

The days when you spent most of the time in my arms are long gone, but you still curl up on my lap with a blanket sometimes. Just last night you grabbed a book and climbed up on the couch with me while the older kids were playing. I’m glad you haven’t completely outgrown that yet!

My Little Guy… the time is speeding by. I’m afraid if I blink you’ll be all grown up. But no matter how big you get, you’ll always be my Little Guy!

Happy Birthday! (Don’t grow up too fast.)