I Have a Newborn…

I just realized that even though I’ve typed and saved daybook entries for the last two Mondays that I have not actually posted them! They are written, saved and ready to post. I just somehow missed clicking on the little “Publish” button at the top of the page…

I know that the “I have a newborn” excuse gets old, but really, it’s my only excuse. Well, that and the three other kids that we’ve got! Honestly, I’m finding things a bit easier this time. Likely because the older kids are old enough to be a bit more independent and are even able to help out some. Granted, I’m still tired and my brain is still rather in a fog. That’s the only reason I can think of why I’d write up complete blog entries and even save them (!) yet forget to actually post them.

Humblest apologies to anyone who might still be stopping by, even after nearly two weeks of nothing. I’ll try to post some actual content in the next couple of days. Provided of course that my mind is clear enough to remember to click the button!

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