I love it when the mail comes. That’s one of the things that I never did outgrow as an adult I guess! But you just never know what might come in the mail. Maybe a card from a loved one. Sometimes a catalog full of yarn, books or homeschooling products that I can browse with interest. At times I get coupons in the mail, and I do love a good coupon! (Incidentally, I really do enjoy clipping coupons.) A few times a month there is a magazine waiting for me. And every now and then there is a box!

Today there was a box for the kids with three small plastic boats. They will have a lot of fun with those boats tonight when it’s bath time! But I was more excited about the magazine that arrived for me.

I’ve subscribed to Home Educating Family Magazine for the past year. It’s a quarterly publication about homeschooling written from a Christian perspective. I’ve enjoyed the articles tremendously, and definitely intend to continue with my subscription! If you are a home educator, I’d recommend taking a look and seeing if it’s a resource that you would find helpful. They offer a free trial for you to take a look for yourself. Both print and digital subscriptions are available. The magazine includes articles on education as well as ones related to family and marriage. I’m glad that they include those! It’s easy for homeschooling moms to let their marriage slip because we get busy. It’s nice to have a reminder that keeping our marriage healthy is just as important as what curriculum we choose!

Another product of theirs that I highly enjoy is their Well-Planned Day planner. I ordered one last year and have liked it much better than a planner from a different company that I’d tried. Their planners are also available in either print or digital formats. If you have older kids, they also offer planners for middle school and high school students. As my kids are still very young, I have not seen or used the student planners. As much as I enjoy their Well-Planned Day I would not hesitate to order their student planners if I was on the market for such a product. I will be ordering another Well-Planned Day to use this fall!

The planner has space for lesson planning for up to four children. This is the only real drawback to it from what I can see, but if I needed to, I could always just purchase and additional planner or print off another copy of the PDF. There is a monthly calendar at the beginning of each month for at-a-glance scheduling of appointments, field trips and the like. There is a two-page-per-week format to the planner that gives me enough room without being overwhelming like a page-per-day format tends to be. There is space for menu planning, to-do lists, budgeting, reading lists and so much more! Included are tear-out shopping lists that are very handy as well as tear-out report cards. There are attendance records and progress report pages for each student that make keeping all your records in one place much easier! At the beginning of each month is an article related to home educating. I admit, this has been one of my favorite features of the planner! Overall, the planner is logically and beautifully designed, and well worth the price! If you are on the market for a homeschool planner, then I’d encourage you to take a peek at the Well-Planned Day!

Note: I have in no way been compensated or paid by Home Educating Family Publishing. I purchased these products myself and enjoy them enough that I wanted to share them with any other homeschooling moms that might read my blog.