Does anyone actually make New Year’s resolutions? I’ve never seen the appeal personally. I’m not any more likely to achieve a goal that I set on New Year’s Day. 🙂

I don’t tend to stay up until midnight anymore either. I used to, until I had kiddos, LOL! Now, it’s a LOT harder to stay up that late. Something about little kids makes mommy really tired!

Personally, I think Spring would be a better time for New Year. Spring seems like the real start of the year to me. Everything is being renewed and revived. I look forward to Spring.

Still, since no one consulted me on the arrangement of our calendar, we celebrate the New Year in the middle of the Winter. I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and pray that your 2009 is filled with as many blessings as my 2008 was. 🙂

In the mean time, I will enjoy getting back to knitting things for myself, at least for a few months anyway. 🙂

Happy New Year!