Dear Little Guy,

Today you are two years old! I know I say this on every birthday, but I really can’t believe how fast you’ve grown! This year has taken you from a few wobbly steps to flat out running. You’ve learned new words this year, including “Star Wars”. You climb everything. You’re making progress with things like spoons and forks, but still don’t hesitate to dig in with your fingers. You build with LEGOs and scribble with crayons. You have learned so much, and it’s obvious to me that you’re just as brilliant as your siblings are. (I know I’m biased because I’m your mother, but I still think you’re remarkably bright!) You love graham crackers and M&Ms. You’re still my littlest redhead. You definitely know how to throw a temper-tantrum (as all 2-year-olds do), and you have the most adorable, heart-melting smile. I love it when you give me kisses. You may not snuggle on my lap as often, but I still treasure the times that you just want hugs from Mommy.

You’re still so young, but I’m starting to see bits of your own unique personality peeking through. I do know this about you: You have a family who loves you tremendously. No matter what. We are so thankful that God gave us the precious gift of you. Happy Birthday!

With Love,