This week’s topic for the Not-Back-to-School blog hop hosted by Home Educating Family is Fabulous Field Trips! Before we get to that, let’s announce last week’s giveaway winner… congratulations Shelly! This week one of my readers will win a copy of the Well Planned Day from Home Educating Family. Look for the details at the end of this post!

Field trips are more than just fun outings, they are a wonderful way to introduce our kids to new places, history, science, and so much more! The beauty of home educating, is that we don’t have to limit ourselves to just trips that can fit within a few hours of the day. Have you ever considered a camping field trip?

Now, I had never gone camping before in my life by the time I got married. My IT staff just couldn’t believe that, and regaled me with all of the wonderful places his parents had taken him and his brother when they went camping. After our first camping trip, I was hooked. OK, I still insist on campgrounds with bathrooms and showers. As long as there’s a bathroom in walking distance I don’t mind sleeping in a tent!

Camping with kids, particularly ones as young as ours, can certainly present challenges. Even so, it’s such a wonderful opportunity! We took our kids camping this summer at a lovely state park campground on the Maine coast. My in-laws were camping in the same campground, so it was even more fun for the kids, and I had a few extra hands to help me out! We went to a transportation museum with the kids, took them to the local children’s museum, and visited some really beautiful spots along the coast. Not to mention the chance the kids had to observe the local wildlife around the campground. We came home with acorn, rock, and seashell collections in Ziploc bags. What a wealth of nature study!

Traveling is expensive, there’s no question about that. Camping is a great way to really cut down on the cost. State park campgrounds are often reasonably priced, especially for residents! Taking your own food to cook will save a bundle over eating at restaurants, not to mention being healthier than a week of fast food every day. Most kids absolutely love the fun of sleeping in a tent, and like I mentioned before, campgrounds are wonderful places to sneak in some nature study. The money saved by camping can allow families to visit some really wonderful museums and other events that are interesting and educational.

So the next time you are planning out field trips, consider adding in a camping trip! After all, there’s no reason home educators can’t take field trips in the summer!

Now, for the details of the giveaway! Just leave a comment on this post. On Thursday, a winner will be randomly drawn, and announced on Friday. Trust me, I’ve been using the Well Planned Day planner for three years now, and I can’t imagine going back to any other planner. It’s really that good!

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