I love Pinterest. I can keep track of recipes, patterns, school ideas, and so much more without having to print off a ton of stuff! Seriously, it’s a huge paper and ink saver for me.

Lately, I’ve been looking for baked donut recipes. I have a fabulous donut pan, and the kids love it when I bake a batch of donuts! Considering how much I love tea, this particular pin caught my eye…


I did change up a couple of things. First, I used Earl Grey tea. Second, since I didn’t have heavy cream, I just made a regular powdered sugar glaze and used that. I think they came out quite good!


If you want just a hint of tea flavor, then three bags of tea should be fine. I’d use a fourth next time because I would prefer a stronger tea flavor to the donuts. I’d also really like to try the glaze made with heavy cream next time. My glaze was pretty thin, and didn’t have the rich flavor that just a bit of cream can give to icing. I’ll probably also bake it a couple of extra minutes too. I like my baked donuts to be a bit crispy on the outside.

All in all, this recipe is a keeper. It’s a lovely with a good cup of tea!