Eleven Years

Eleven years ago today, I was at my wedding. That was pretty amazing for the girl who had spent years insisting that she’d NEVER get married!

Looking back, I can honestly say that it’s been a good eleven years. We’ve laughed together, weathered the storms together and been through a whole lot of boring everyday life together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so thankful that despite my “I don’t need a husband” attitude, God blessed me with a truly wonderful one anyway. My husband is a man of character whom I respect greatly. He has always treated me with love and respect, and he is an incredible father. I really do love him even more today than I did eleven years ago!

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  1. It really doesn’t seem possible that it’s been that long but it has. I remember that time well. I remember how your Mom was so stressed but at the same time so very happy that her little girl was getting married. I guess that’s a girl thing. There was one thing I’ll never forget. It was the night before the wedding. I stood there and looked at your wedding dress hanging there at the church and tears came to my eyes. It was sort of like the end of an era I guess. My little girl was all grown up and starting out on her own with her own family. I remember so vividly the day you were born. I cried then too. Since then you’ve given me grandchildren. They are really special.
    I wish you much happiness and more than the almost 30 years that Mom & I had together. Savor every moment! NEVER take each other for granted for one day one of you will wake up and the other will be gone. With that in mind make lots of wonderful memories together!!!

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