Due Date

“Due dates” are funny things. We mark the date on the calendar knowing that the chances of having the baby on that day are pretty small. Still, when the date comes and goes we are disappointed. Today is my “due date”. My computer calendar popped up a reminder this morning that I was nine hours overdue. Perhaps entering that “due date” into my calendar all of those months ago was a bad idea…

Honestly, I’d been sort of hoping to have the baby on April 1st because that’s my Mother-in-law’s birthday. I had no idea that we’d be hit with a blizzard, terrible road conditions and power outages. In retrospect, I’m very GLAD that I was not in labor yesterday!

So, I’ll just have to wait a bit longer. This baby will be born at the right time and I’ll just have to wait and see when that will be. I keep saying that I wish there was a countdown timer on my stomach telling me how much longer it will be. Aaron then very wisely observes, “No you don’t. You’d just worry more.” I guess that after eleven years my husband knows me pretty well!

Hopefully the next time that I post I’ll be holding a little baby in my arms…

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