Outside my window… it’s dark already. Guess winter really is coming!

I am thinking… about what to do for a birthday cake for Camo. I’m trying to think of something really fun to do with the cake and I’m just coming up empty this time.

I am thankful for… the opportunity to home educate. It’s a lot of work, but so incredibly rewarding!

From the learning rooms… working on some Language Arts projects with Munchkin, and going to have to start combing through Pinterest again for more ideas and printables to use with Camo.

From the kitchen… well, it’s not from my kitchen per se, but I picked up a package of Tastykakes because they came highly recommended. I have to admit, my reaction was, “Meh.” What sounds really good is some of Grammy’s homemade sugar cake with fudge frosting!

I am wearing… jeans, a purple long-sleeve tee, and my LL Bean Mocs.

I am creating… sweaters, socks, and mittens for my kiddos for Christmas. Fortunately, none of them read my blog so I can mention it without fear of spoiling the surprise.

I am going… I’m not going, I just got back! Little Guy had his 18 month checkup today. Of course it took longer than I expected, and then we had to finish our errands. He was looking a bit sleepy when we got home.

I am reading… A Year of Learning Dangerously, and a fiction book I can’t recall the title of. Both for review, so you’ll hear about them in detail later on!

I am hoping… that the kiddos all get over the sniffles soon.

I am hearing… relative quiet, as Little Guy is dozing and the older kids are all reading.

Pondering these words… “Sometimes while following our dream we get lost and find a better one.” – Unknown (I actually saw this on the cover of a journal when I was at Walmart, and it just stuck.)

Around the house… it’s getting to be about time to put the plastic up on the windows again.

One of my favorite things… is the occasional chance to spend some time with Little Guy when the rest of the kids are sleeping. Every now and then he takes a very late nap and ends up staying up a bit later than his siblings. I think both of us enjoy the one-on-one time!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Lessons and laundry, the usual!

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