Outside my window… yesterday’s sunshine has been replaced by overcast skies and rain. But we do need the rain!

I am thinking… about some of the projects that I plan to tackle this week.

I am thankful for… a quiet day.

From the learning rooms… this is our week off, and I think we’re all glad to have a bit of a break! We’re hitting the home stretch with this year’s books, and I’m elbow-deep in planning for next year. Have I mentioned that I’m glad we have this week off?

From the kitchen… it was a blueberry muffin sort of day. You can’t beat Grammy Lila’s blueberry muffin recipe, especially if it’s raining or snowing.

I am wearing… jeans, a gray Red Sox t-shirt, and my trusty purple crocs. (Yes, I keep saying that I need to replace them, but I’m sort of attached to this well-worn pair!)

I am creating… and finishing up little projects this week. One hat in particular had about 200 ends to weave in…

I am going… to wait until Tuesday to watch the Doctor Who finale. I told my sister that I’d wait and watch it with her. It’s a good thing we went to see Star Trek this weekend, so at least I’ve had a bit of a science fiction fix to tide me over!

I am reading… too many books to name. I seriously can’t believe I just typed that sentence. I’ve got a bunch of review reading, not to mention plenty of books I want to read, and books that I have to read before fall because we’re using them for school. Whew!

I am hoping… that a few things sort themselves out soon.

I am hearing… kiddos playing in the living room, and kiddos digging through LEGOs in the dining room.

Pondering these words… “If you write one story it may be bad; if you write a hundred, you have the odds in your favor.” – Edgar Rice Burroughs

Around the house… every time I wash a load of dirty towels it seems like another pile re-appears. I can’t explain this, can you?

One of my favorite things… is seeing some of the great LEGO creations the kids come up with.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Writing up the next six weeks of lesson plans, working on other writing projects, reading, and laundry.

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