Outside my window… it looks like today has been warm, but don’t be fooled! In spite of the sunshine, it’s surprisingly chilly.

I am thinking… about some of my writing and about how to more efficiently manage writing time. How on earth do the professionals do it?

I am thankful for… a chance to nap just a bit on the couch this afternoon while the Little Guy napped too.

From the learning rooms… we’re done with our animal notebooks for science. I have to say, the kids enjoyed making them, and have asked if they can do another science notebook. I think it’s definitely something we’ll continue with. I’ll have to stock up on composition books once the back-to-school sales begin this summer!

From the kitchen… meatloaf was on the menu tonight, but I simplified things and just made hamburgers to go with the baked potatoes. Then I discovered that I forgot to pick up carrots. Menu planning is great, but I have to remind myself that it’s OK if I don’t always go exactly by my meal plans.

I am wearing… black pants, a blue t-shirt, and my IT staff’s denim shirt. (I frequently borrow it this time of year when it’s chilly enough for me to want to throw on something to keep my arms warm.)

I am creating… another sweater, but a cotton one this time. I finished up my lovely red wool sweater just in time for warm weather. At least I have something to look forward to wearing this fall, right?

I am going… to see a movie this weekend. It’s been four years since I saw one at the theater. That movie for years ago was Star Trek. Any guesses what’s so tempting that I can’t wait for the DVD?

I am reading… a Doctor Who novel. Totally frivolous, but it’s science fiction, and not something that I would have to review. I grab something like that when I just want to read purely for fun.

I am hoping… to get a few things sorted out soon.

I am hearing… the older kids playing hide and seek.

Pondering these words… “And at the end of the journey we’ll surely rest with God. So let’s keep at it.”—Hebrews 4:10-11 MSG

Around the house… we’ve had mourning doves visiting our bird feeder!

One of my favorite things… is sun tea in the spring and summer. It reminds me of Grammy Lila, who always had a jug of sun tea around during the warm weather.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Just the usual stuff, and then catching a movie this weekend of course!

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