Outside my window… SUN!!!

I am thinking… of collapsing on the couch for a nap.

I am thankful for… all of the kids being OK at the moment!

From the kitchen… pork chops with rosemary and wild rice cooking. A late lunch for Aaron and me!

I am wearing… black pants, pink striped turtleneck and a pink jacket.

I am creating… a watermelon quilt for Munchkin, since she’s really outgrown all of her baby quilts. That girl is tall!

I am going… scratch that, I WENT to the ER with Munchkin today. She’s fine, nothing that a dab of medical glue couldn’t fix. She’ll have a black eye for a while though…

I am reading… lots of kids books lately, but there is one that my sister recommended to me that I hope to have started by next week.

I am hoping… that Mr. Q will get the hang of this potty thing really soon.

I am hearing… a really quiet house at the moment.

Around the house… things to sort for yard sale season this summer.

One of my favorite things… Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Baby Surprise Jacket” pattern. What an inventive knit and a lesson in origami! This may become one of my go-to baby gifts!