Outside my window… it’s a pleasant summer day. The sun is shining but there is a nice breeze.

I am thinking… about just getting a few empty spray bottles to use in lieu of squirt guns. A couple of those would be cheaper and likely last longer. (Not to mention how much water they hold!)

I am thankful for… an absolutely lovely pond in my backyard.

From the learning rooms… the concept of place value in math was a bit trickier for Munchkin than I’d anticipated. But it made me smile when she asked to do some extra handwriting practice this afternoon!

From the kitchen… not too much involved cooking this time of year. But it’s nice weather for smoothies.

I am wearing… denim shorts a t-shirt that says, “Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Tired” and of course, my trusty purple crocs!

I am creating… nothing new, just working on some projects in progress at the moment.

I am going… to deport all of the black flies from my backyard. (Seriously, if you aren’t from around here, you have NO idea how bad they get!) Now I just need to figure out how to do that…

I am reading… 90 Minutes in Heaven and Assandra. It seems to take me a while to get through a book these days. Of course, my copy of “Home Educating Family” that arrived recently has cut into my reading time as well!

I am hoping… to see some progress with Camo using the potty soon!

I am hearing… my IT staff taking a break from the computers to do some weed-whacking outside.

Around the house… some lovely purple flowers are blooming, as well as my white lilacs. There is a beautiful iris outside the office window too. I wonder who originally planted some of these flowers that I enjoy now.

Pondering these words… “Bloom where you are planted.” – Grammy Lila

One of my favorite things… lilacs sitting on my table. That’s why I’ll be going outside to snip a few as soon as I finish this post!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Probably some grocery shopping at the end of the week. Nothing terribly interesting going on though, just a nice early-summer week.

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