Outside my window… it’s warm and hazy. Summer is definitely here.

I am thinking… about what to write for today’s post. It’s just one of those days when there aren’t going to be too many profound things rattling around my brain.

I am thankful for… not losing power last night. It looked like we could get some pretty bad thunderstorms for a while, and the wind was pretty strong. I still can’t believe they had tornado warnings a bit north of us. Tornadoes in Maine aren’t impossible, but they’re not exactly common.

From the learning rooms… it’s a difficult day when all of the kids have math struggles at the same time. If I had an arch nemesis, it would be Math…

From the kitchen… English muffin bread came out of the oven this morning before it got too warm.

I am wearing… denim shorts and a grey Red Sox t-shirt. Bumming around the house in the A/C kind of outfit.

I am creating… socks. Because it’s just too hot to knit anything bigger than a sock.

I am going… to enjoy the cool air inside.

I am reading… through some of the books about Ancient Egypt that we’ll be using come September. This will be an interesting study!

I am hoping… to paint the dining/piano/school room this summer. Of course, I have to actually settle on a color first.

I am hearing… the hum of the air conditioner in the window beside me. Ahhhhh…

Pondering these words… “Dear Math, I’m not a therapist. Solve your own problems.” – Unknown

Around the house… one iris is blooming. The rest should follow soon enough. Our growing season starts really late around here.

One of my favorite things… is a Sunday afternoon nap on the couch… even when I wake to construction paper signs posted all about the house!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a quiet week for us. (At least I hope it is!)

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