Outside my window… the sun is bright, and it will be a hot and humid day.

I am thinking… about Mr. Q’s upcoming birthday.

I am thankful for… Mr. Q wearing regular underwear!!!!

From the learning rooms… still plugging away at phonics with Munchkin. It’s slow going, but I think that it’s finally starting to make sense to her. The boys are actually picking up some letter sounds from hearing me teaching her.

From the kitchen… a friend sent over some WONDERFUL local strawberries. The kids and I just about polished off the box in one sitting!

I am wearing… denim shorts and a Mr. Potatohead t-shirt. Yeah, I’m just that odd…

I am creating… a bit of limbo knitting while I wait for Mr. Q’s birthday sweater yarn to arrive. Then, I’m knitting like a madwoman!

I am going… to go slather some more sunburn relief on my burned skin.

I am reading… a bit of everything, but lots of beginner stuff with my Munchkin lately.

I am hoping… to figure out the best way to continue with reading lessons when Munchkin completes the current material that we are using.

I am hearing… Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Beethoven’s Last Night” album. With the background vocals of three active kids of course!

Pondering these words… “I am a daughter failed and I am a parent failing and I know it in ways now I never knew: if I rip apart the bridge of forgiveness for my own parents with my own hands, I destroy the only way my own children can come to me.” From Ann’s blog.

Around the house… the pool saw some use at the end of the week!

One of my favorite things… watching my children’s eyes light up when they figure something out something new.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I’m waiting for a few things to arrive by mail and UPS for the little guy’s birthday!!!! I hope the yarn arrives this week so that I can KNIT LIKE CRAZY to get it done in time!

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