Outside my window… It looks like it will rain any minute now. The cooler temps lately have been welcome though.

I am thinking… about some of my upcoming writing projects. I’m really excited about them! It’s hard work writing, but just because something is hard work doesn’t mean that it’s not satisfying.

I am thankful for… things changing. As much as I resist and dislike change, I don’t think I’d really want things to always stay the same either.

From the learning rooms… I’ve been wearing out my three-hole punch and organizing papers in three-ring binders this week. I also love putting together the kids’ school boxes. It’s so much fun to pick out something special for each of them.

From the kitchen… a dozen vanilla cupcakes with coffee buttercream frosting are sitting in my fridge.

I am wearing… tan capris and a pumpkin orange t-shirt. No, I don’t think they clash horribly with my trusty purple crocs. Everything matches my crocs!

I am creating… dishcloths lately, because summer is not the time to have a heap of wool knitting on your lap!

I am going… to be a year older tomorrow, but since my daughter declared me “very, very old” when I was still in my 20s I guess it doesn’t matter.

I am reading… Unrivaled by Siri Mitchell. It’s a historical fiction novel for review. It piqued my interest because candy making figures heavily into the story. I have very fond memories of making candy with my great-aunts.

I am hoping… that I can resist the temptation of those 12 tasty-looking cupcakes in the fridge until tomorrow. Yes, I’m just as impatient as my kids!

I am hearing… LEGOs and kids chatting. It’s fairly quiet because Little Guy is snuggled in his crib napping.

Pondering these words… “I’ve never been so comfortable before. Oh, I’m so glad that I’m not young anymore!” – From the musical Gigi

Around the house… So much to do before September! I should probably pick an official date for “New Book Day”.

One of my favorite things… spray paint. Seriously. Spray paint is like a magic wand that can make an old piece of furniture, frame, tin, etc. look fabulous again!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Eating cupcakes and coffee ice cream while singing, “I’m so glad that I’m not young anymore!”

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