Outside my window… rather grey, but not terribly cold. The air was crisp when I went out to fetch a couple more bags of coal.


I am thinking… that today might be a LONG day…


I am thankful for… a certain little redhead sitting on my lap while I type.


I am wearing… jeans (naturally), black long-sleeve tee, and my purple wool and silk shawl.


I am remembering… odds and ends about Mom.


I am going… to be buying a new microwave soon. The old one is rapidly dying.


I am currently reading… not enough.


I am hoping… that I’ll get a lot of writing accomplished this week.


On my mind… a myriad of things, but Munchkin’s upcoming birthday is at the front of my thoughts!


Noticing that… I seem to be vacuuming the living room just about daily due to crumbs…


Pondering these words… “It is well that war is so terrible — lest we should grow too fond of it.” – Robert E. Lee


From the kitchen… MADELEINES!


Around the house… never-ending laundry, dishes and a hundred and one other things, but I have happy kiddos. J


One of my favorite things… telling my Aaron a bit about my writing from time to time.