Outside my window… the snow is above the bottom of the windows now. At least it’s sunny today though!

I am thinking… about how quickly time passes and how much things change.

I am thankful for… a husband who helps me to keep things in perspective.

From the learning rooms… I think we’ll start doing some extra penmanship practice this week. Munchkin has her mother’s handwriting unfortunately. (My handwriting is better than it was, but still FAR from perfect!)

From the kitchen… this is just one of those weeks where I’m running out of all of my pantry staples! Good thing I’m going grocery shopping this week! By the way, did you know that vanilla extract can go bad? I had a huge jug of it and my baking had started tasting a bit “off”. Come to find out, it was my vanilla! Perhaps the gallon-sized jug of it is not such a great deal after all…

I am wearing… black pants, pink tee and burgundy zip-up hoodie. And of course, my LL Bean slip on shoes!

I am creating… an apron for Munchkin’s birthday this weekend and a bit more sewing and knitting for the baby.

I am going… to finish up things for my not-so-little girl’s birthday!

I am reading… a couple of holistic child-care books.

I am hoping… for a week that is not too stress-filled.

I am hearing… the kiddos having their breakfast and happily chattering away.

Pondering these words… “When a child arrives, a mother’s body is never the same…” Read the rest of the quote over at Muthering Heights. It is well worth it!

Around the house… there is snow all the way around my house! (But it is OUTSIDE!)

One of my favorite things… is waking up to sun streaming through the windows.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Getting ready for a birthday party!

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