Outside my window… there is a truly astounding amount of snow!

I am thinking… about all of the mailbox trouble we’ve had throughout the years. Ours didn’t handle the latest storm very well.

I am thankful for… my IT staff arriving home safe and sound last night.

From the learning rooms… last week of Christmas break, so I’ll be lesson planning one of these days.

From the kitchen… Earl Grey tea and toast.

I am wearing… jeans, my IT staff’s plaid shirt, fuzzy owl slippers, and a scarf.

I am creating… a cabled cardigan. It was nearly done, so I thought I should seam it and knit on the button band sometime before spring.

I am going… to the eye doctor’s this week. I keep debating whether to try ordering glasses online.

I am reading… The Sign of Four by Arthur Conan Doyle. I wanted to read something just for fun this week.

I am hoping… that it doesn’t get quite as cold this week as they are predicting. 19 degrees below zero is pretty cold!

I am hearing… the wooden whistle that the kids found, followed by the dog scurrying through the house yipping.

Pondering these words… “I would not tell them too much. Women are never to be entirely trusted, — not the best of them.” – Sherlock Holmes (I find myself wondering if the author shared these sentiments or simply wrote it because it fits with the character.)

Around the house… icicles of doom hang threateningly over every door.

One of my favorite things… is picking out a new knitting project. Time to start my planning for the Rav Games! (For those who are not knitters, the Rav Games are a fun knit along that some of us do during the Olympic Games. You pick a project, but don’t start until opening ceremonies. The goal is to finish by the closing ceremonies.)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Lesson planning, taking the tree down tomorrow, laundry, and getting back into the groove.

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