Sunday was our first holiday without Mom. It was different, but all in all, we had a good day.

It’s been a tradition to have Easter dinner with Mom’s family for quite a few years now. This year, we had dinner at her youngest brother’s house.

One of my cousins hid candy and Easter eggs around the house for the kids to find. Munchkin had great fun finding the candy, but her brothers were more interested in eating all of the candy rather than hunting for it! At one point, Mr. Q had a plastic egg with three or four Hershey Kisses in it. When the kids asked if they could have chocolate before dinner, I replied, “One.” Apparently, Mr. Q figured that one plastic egg of candy fit in that restriction. He decided to unwrap all of them before eating any, and proceeded to do just that. As he unwrapped each Kiss, he carefully placed it on the coffee table and began unwrapping the next one. Then Camo came along… He stood next to his brother and watched him unwrap each piece of candy, as Mr. Q placed one on the table, Camo picked it up and popped it in his mouth. When he was finally done unwrapping the last one, Mr. Q turned to the spot where he had placed all the other, and they were gone! For a moment, he looked quite bewildered. Then Camo spied the last Kiss in Mr. Q’s hand and made a grab for it. At this point, Mr. Q figured out that it was his brother who was responsible for the disappearance of his painstakingly unwrapped chocolate. The tears commenced… Mr. Q’s because he had only one chocolate left, and Camo’s because he wanted that last chocolate. I couldn’t help it, I HAD to laugh!

A bit later, Camo amused himself by finding stray chocolates and popping them in his mouth, foil wrapper included. Interestingly enough, he managed to somehow swallow the chocolate, but chew on the wrappers like they were bubble gum. There is no telling how much sugar he ingested…

Us “adults” were taking turns bowling with the Wii. It was actually quite fun. I got a better score than I ever have in real life! Golf was also tried later on. That was a bit harder… I can almost imagine Mom laughing at how silly we all must have looked, but still jumping in and trying it herself. Still, we had lots of fun, and it was so nice to see everyone. It really was a good afternoon. Different, but still good.

I guess that’s where I’m at now, things are different, hard, but still OK. People give me a look whenever I say I’m OK. But it’s true. I’m always OK. I joke that knitting and writing keep me sane, but really, it’s God that keeps me sane. Even when the entire world seems to be falling apart, I can be OK, because He’s still in control. I’m OK because of what we celebrated yesterday. Happy Resurrection Day everyone!