Ever hear of CDO? It’s like OCD, except the letters are in the right order. Those of us with the odd quirks totally get the joke! I like certain things done a certain way and it will bug me to no end if my method is messed with. (Just ask my husband!) I don’t necessarily care if there is a better way to do it because I’m also highly resistant to change. (My husband can confirm this too.) There are times when this makes me seem a little crazy.

Times like just now. Munchkin is settled in for a little quiet time drawing and reading, while Mr. Q and Camo are down for naps. I come back downstairs to find that Little Guy has spit up ALL OVER his t-shirt. No problem, I keep a stash of baby clothes downstairs so that I don’t have to constantly be running upstairs to get a fresh onesie. But his pants are brown. None of the onesies downstairs go with the brown pants. I could just shrug and remind myself that it’s not like we are going anywhere or having company over. But it would still bug me. (This is why I have to really bite my tongue when it comes to the older kids picking out what clothes to wear on their own. They come up with some interesting combinations!) I wound up looking at the t-shirts and debating for a minute about whether I should just go with the mis-matched outfit on the baby. I couldn’t do it. I changed his shirt and pants so that they coordinate nicely. There are a lot of things that I’ve decided don’t matter quite as much as I thought they did with my first child, but this is apparently not one of them. At least I’m not quite as picky about the pacifier matching the outfit. I mean, I try to grab one that matches, but if it doesn’t I just go with it.

Yes, I’ve definitely gotten more relaxed about some things. Really, I have! Now if you will excuse me, I’ve got to go put the crayons in the correct order…

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  1. When you wrote his pants were “brown” – I immediately jumped to another conclusion…. guess I’ll leave you to sort out your crayons.

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