Daybook for April 5th

Outside my window… It’s sunny and gorgeous! Don’t you just love opening the windows to let the fresh air in?

I am thinking… about the pattern book that came in the mail today. I’m itching to order the wool for my long-wanted Cricket Jumper.

I am thankful for… plenty of nice space outside for my kids to enjoy.

From the kitchen… the “Camping With My Peeps” cake turned out well. I’m quite pleased with it, and will post photos for you as soon as my technical staff has the chance to help me with that!

I am wearing… gray pants and hoodie with a pink t-shirt… wait… I think I was wearing the same thing last Monday!

I am creating… a bit of knitting and a bit of writing, but the big project was the tractor tire sandbox that Dad and I set up for the kids this weekend.

I am going… to keep trying to teach Munchkin how to ride her bicycle.

I am reading… The Scarlet Letter and More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea. The second book is a collection of snippets by a London emergency worker about his experiences working in the ambulance service.

I am hoping… the weather this week stays this beautiful!

I am hearing… the kids playing in the next room and the Radio Free Skaro review of the new Doctor Who episode on my iPod.

Pondering these words… “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face…” I Corinthians 13:12a

Around the house… open windows!!!! How lovely!

One of my favorite things… Fresh spring breezes gently ruffling the sheer curtains in the windows…

Daybook for March 29th

Outside my window… Raining again, but I don’t mind. At least it’s not snow!

I am thinking… about screen doors and paint colors for the hallway.

I am thankful for… a self-employed husband.

From the kitchen… I don’t want to think about the kitchen right now…

I am wearing… gray pants and a matching gray hoodie.

I am creating… not as much as I’d like! I can’t seem to get into my writing, and even my knitting holds little appeal at the moment.

I am going… to spend Resurrection Sunday with family.

I am reading… The Scarlet Letter. I find the time period fascinating, and it is set in New England.

I am hoping… to find my hope again.

I am hearing… “Meadows of Heaven” on my iPod.

Around the house… miscellaneous camping gear, laundry to be folded, the usual chaos!

Pondering these words… “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength…” – from Isaiah 30:15

One of my favorite things… highlighted verses in my Bible from Mom.

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Note from Teish: I’ve been dealing with both personal and medical issues for the past few weeks. Some of my readers have let me know that they are praying for me, and I truly appreciate that! Consequently, my focus has been on things other than my blog and my writing. I’m trying to get back to writing, but I’m still finding it difficult, though getting easier all the time. I do have a short story ready to post likely tomorrow for my story a week. Thank you again for the prayers and for reading.

Daybook for March 8th


Outside my window… SUN!!!

I am thinking… of collapsing on the couch for a nap.

I am thankful for… all of the kids being OK at the moment!

From the kitchen… pork chops with rosemary and wild rice cooking. A late lunch for Aaron and me!

I am wearing… black pants, pink striped turtleneck and a pink jacket.

I am creating… a watermelon quilt for Munchkin, since she’s really outgrown all of her baby quilts. That girl is tall!

I am going… scratch that, I WENT to the ER with Munchkin today. She’s fine, nothing that a dab of medical glue couldn’t fix. She’ll have a black eye for a while though…

I am reading… lots of kids books lately, but there is one that my sister recommended to me that I hope to have started by next week.

I am hoping… that Mr. Q will get the hang of this potty thing really soon.

I am hearing… a really quiet house at the moment.

Around the house… things to sort for yard sale season this summer.

One of my favorite things… Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Baby Surprise Jacket” pattern. What an inventive knit and a lesson in origami! This may become one of my go-to baby gifts!

Daybook for February 15th

Outside my window… just a dusting of snow from last night.

I am thinking… about how much I will miss that Black Explorer once it’s gone today…

I am thankful for… a husband who “gets” me.

From the learning rooms… next year’s science curriculum looks great, and Aaron found a book at Marden’s yesterday that will go nicely with our study of Astronomy!

From the kitchen… still a bit of birthday cake left. Munchkin will help me bake a giant cookie later today!

I am wearing… my pink PJ’s still. Getting an early start on the Daybook!

I am creating… a fantastic hand-knit sweater that must be done by the end of the Olympic Games. Whew!

I am going… to have a Scentsy party on Saturday, and I’m really excited to smell all of the lovely scents of wax they offer!

I am reading… The Elusive Pimpernel but not much reading is going on because I have to get knitting on that sweater…

I am hoping… to get that sweater half-done this week!

I am hearing… relative quiet, but that’s what goldfish crackers and a new movie for the kids will get you.

Around the house… a few stray boxes from clearing out Mom’s things last Spring. They were sitting in the truck that will be towed away later today. I have mixed feelings about both…

One of my favorite things… finding docker’s pants, another brand of twill pants, an Izod polo shirt, and two Izod sweaters for less than twenty bucks! What a Valentine’s Day date that was!

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Daybook for February 8th

Outside my window… snow and wind, but a bit of sunshine… Spring will come.

I am thinking… that it is just going to be one of those days!

I am thankful for… a good husband.

From the learning rooms… started a new Veggie Tales devotional today with the kids. My sister picked it up for them because she knew how much they would enjoy it!

From the kitchen… let’s not talk about the kitchen right now…

I am wearing… jeans, naturally, a pink and gray striped turtleneck and my oxford grey February Lady Sweater.

I am creating… plans for Munchkin’s birthday party on Saturday!

I am going… to go to the grocery store at the end of the week.

I am reading… The Elusive Pimpernel and have plans to read The Odyssey after that.

I am hoping… that I will have three packages arriving this week.

I am hearing… some very wound up kids doing I-really-don’t-want-to-know-what-they-are-doing in the next room.

Around the house… wrapping up gifts and gearing up for the Ravelympics starting on Friday night.

One of my favorite things… peaceful morning moments with my Aaron.

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Daybook for January 4th

Outside my window… lots and lots of snow.

I am thinking… about how Mom was always the type of woman who would jump in and do whatever needed to be done, even if she’d never done it before.

I am thankful for… Dad clearing out the snow by my mailbox with the tractor.

From the learning rooms… pondering a lot, rethinking a lot, and perhaps simplifying things a bit. Questioning if I really want to rush into a “formal” structure for learning.

From the kitchen… I’m going to make some hot cocoa to warm me back up!

I am wearing… jeans and a red turtleneck.

I am creating… not exactly creating, but I managed to fix my mailbox myself! I’m incredibly pleased by this…

I am going… to have to do a couple of loads of laundry today…

I am reading… I have not spent much of any time reading the past couple of weeks, and I must remedy that.

I am hoping… that I can sort out just how to teach my children well.

I am hearing… the kiddos padding around in the living room, playing dress-up.

Around the house… my waterbed is fixed, my mailbox is fixed, and both of those make me smile!

One of my favorite things… new beginnings.

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Daybook For December 21st

Outside my window… twilight, the stars will be out soon.

I am thinking… about relationships, in many stages…

I am thankful for… my Aaron.

From the kitchen… homemade crackers, and a cake to bake in a couple of days.

I am wearing… black pants, turtleneck, and the February Lady Sweater that I knit for myself during Ravelry’s WIP Wrestlemania.

I am creating… the last of my Christmas knitting! All knit, ends woven in, and ready to be washed and wrapped!

I am going… to have to go to the grocery store tomorrow…

I am reading… should be reading the Count of Monte Cristo, but have been too busy knitting, cooking, and working on my own stories.

I am hoping… to find the Prince of Peace in Christmas this year.

I am hearing… music from my iPod, mostly mushy songs at the moment. I’m just in that mood I guess.

Around the house… wrapped gifts, and a pile of knitwear waiting for a bath and wrapping paper!

One of my favorite things… dancing when no one is watching.

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Daybook for December 14th

Outside my window… the sun is glinting off the snow and ice on the bushes, and it’s tempting me to grab the camera…

I am thinking… of how different things are this year.

I am thankful for… Dad getting home safely from his business trip last night.

From the kitchen… I have fudge, caramels and such to make, and Joyce and I will be making our famous rock candy again this year! (Hopefully there will be no third-degree burns this year.)

I am wearing… black knit pants and a tan shirt that Mom bought for me while she and Dad were at Universal Studios a few years back.

I am creating… more Christmas knitting, which I cannot mention because it’s possible that the people I’m knitting for might read this blog!

I am going… to take the camera outside for some photographs after all.

I am reading… Count of Monte Cristo, but I took a break to read three Doctor Who books. Yes, I know, totally frivolous reading. J

I am hoping… that this turns out to be a good Christmas after all.

I am hearing… computers humming, the boys are quiet since they are eating!

Around the house… the Christmas tree is all that I’ve managed for decorations, but it will have to be enough.

One of my favorite things… seeing the beauty in the ordinary.

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Daybook for Monday, December 7th

Outside my window… Snow!

I am thinking… that someone has been re-arranging the ornaments on the tree.

I am thankful for… the chance to visit my cousin this weekend.

From the kitchen… it’s definitely casserole and soup season.

I am wearing… jeans and a blue shirt with butterflies.

I am creating… lots of knitted Christmas gifts, but my carpal tunnel may force me to do some sewing today instead of knitting.

I am going… to take my sister to Bangor this morning.

I am reading… some Doctor Who novels, though I should be reading more on the Count of Monte Cristo!

I am hoping… that Dad has a safe business trip.

I am hearing… the hum of the computer, but the house is quiet since the kiddos are still sleeping.

Around the house… the tree is up, the nativity scene is arranged, and the stockings are hung and filled.

One of my favorite things… chatting with my husband before he heads to work.

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Daybook for November 9th

Outside my window… turkeys yesterday, but none today.

I am thinking… worrying actually, about my test tomorrow.

I am thankful for… Camo’s second birthday on Wednesday!

From the learning rooms… sorting out how to make this work when life gets in the way.

From the kitchen… Jello for supper!!!

I am wearing… jeans and a black cable sweater.

I am creating… finished Camo’s birthday sweater and cast on a new sweater for me!

I am going… mad. The raving lunatic kind.

I am reading… I have too many books going at the moment.

I am hoping… that things come together for Camo’s party on Thursday.

I am hearing… my kiddos discussing the alphabet over breakfast.

Around the house… the house has rather gotten away from me as of late.

One of my favorite things… my children’s birthdays!

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