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Between Sunday School and VBS, I learned a lot of Bible verses growing up. I hate to admit that I rarely memorize any scripture now that I’m an adult though. I’m guessing that there are plenty of others out there who did a fair amount of memorizing as kids and teens and then sort of stopped once they became adults. Maybe part of it is that we are so busy, or maybe it just doesn’t occur to us to keep up with memorization. Whatever the reason, I know this is an area that I’d like to improve in! That’s why I was so interested in Liz Curtis Higgs’ book 31 Verses to Write on Your Heart.

I’ve read a number of Liz’s books, and have always enjoyed her writing style. In 31 Verses, she has written a short devotional to go along with each of the 31 verses that she’s chosen. A number of the scriptures included in her book are familiar ones, but others are surprising! The list of verses in the book are all great ones to memorize, whether you’re new to faith in Jesus, or have spent many years studying the Bible. At the end of each devotional is a tip for memorizing, and one of my favorite features, a place to write the verse in your favorite translation. (The verses already printed in the book are in the NIV translation.)

Most devotional-type books are designed to read one chapter per day. Most of us need a little more time than that to memorize a verse though! You could easily read one chapter of 31 Verses
each week and spend some time every day just working on learning the “verse of the week”. Maybe you memorize a little faster than that, or maybe it takes you longer. You can spend as much or as little time per chapter as you need, since Liz doesn’t pressure you to move through the suggested verses in a particular time frame. It might be a neat idea to make a note of the date that you’ve memorized each verse so that you can look back through and see when you memorized each one later on!

31 Verses to Write on Your Heart is an excellent book for anyone who would like to get into, or get back into the habit of memorizing scripture. It’s also a great gift idea to consider for the upcoming holidays. Bundle the book, a journal, and a nice pen in a basket! (And maybe include some good tea too.) Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift, it’s worth a look!