There are definite advantages to working from home, especially when you are a home educating mom! But the second chapter in Tricia’s book, Balanced, touches on how being a work-at-home mom benefits your work. I’d never really thought of that before!

I’m beginning to understand what she means with point 6: “Working at home helped me be more productive.” It’s true that my writing time is limited. That means that I have to make it count when I sit down to write. Admittedly, I do get Facebooked sometimes, but I’m learning just how important it is for me to be really focused when I’m at the computer. There have been times when I knew that I had to make some real progress on a project – that was motivation enough for me to get productive with my time!

The challenge for today was to get started on a change that would make working from home work for me. I decided that the most important thing I could do was put my writing on the daily schedule. Why have I never done this before? Well, I could never figure out when to schedule it! We have a list for our homeschool day that shows me everything we need to accomplish that day. We don’t have set times or class periods for each subject though. Some days, math takes 15 minutes, then there are those days… Our schedule is more of a list with a loose routine for our days. How do I schedule writing time in there? It may seem obvious, but it’s taken me this long to figure out that I just need to add it to our checklist. (I love checklists!) Right there in my Well-Planned Day along with everyone else’s assignments:


This could work. Even if it’s just 20 minutes of writing time that I squeeze in, those minutes will add up. This could really work! Of course, when I went back to my planner later to check off “Writing” I discovered a pair of wet mittens wrinkling the pages… I’m definitely a work-at-home mom!

One of my favorite parts of this chapter though, was the conclusion:

“Vision is knowing where you want to head and having an idea of how to get there. Prayerful vision is asking God to show you what He sees since He has a much higher, better view than we do, and adjusting your heart to His desires for your work, your family, and His world.”

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PS – For anyone who is wondering, “Facebooked” is what my husband and I call it when one of us gets sucked into Facebook when we should be working on something else!