I’m a bit of a control freak. I’ve taken the phrase, “If you want something done right, do it yourself” to heart. I definitely needed today’s chapter from Balanced!

The challenge for today was to get help from my family to make my load a bit lighter. I started out by giving the job of feeding the dog back to Munchkin. I’d taken it over temporarily when we adopted our big black Shepherd/Lab because I wanted to get an idea of how much he tended to eat in a day. Well past time now to hand it back off to her!

I’m trying to get into the habit of asking the kids to help me. Honestly, they are more than willing to! They always help me carry in groceries when I come home from shopping. This time they asked if they could help me put things away. I hesitated because none of them are tall enough to reach the cupboards in our kitchen, but agreed that they could try to help. You know what? The groceries were put away in record time because I had help!

It’s all a matter of me letting go a bit and doing some delegation. It really does surprise me how much is accomplished in a short amount of time when all of the kids pitch in and help. The older three got all of the dusting, vacuuming and picking up done in the living room while I loaded the dishwasher. And as my daughter pointed out today, “I’ll have to know how to vacuum when I have a house of my own.”


The one thing that I really need to keep in mind though, is what Tricia said:

“If I want my husband and kids to help me succeed, I need to affirm their efforts, even if those efforts are not what I consider perfect. How discouraging it is when your child attempts to help only to be told they didn’t do it well enough?”


My kids are eager to help me. It’s important that I recognize their help and tell them how much I appreciate it. And I do appreciate it! My load (and my heart) feel a lot lighter when we’re working together as a family.

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