I’m someone who needs a lot of “margin” in my life. Other people refer to that as white space in the schedule. However you put it, I just can’t handle an overcrowded schedule. Today’s chapter of Balanced made me really consider the things that I do have on my checklists. (Have I mentioned how much I love lists?)

The items on our homeschooling planner are top priorities. I already started including writing in our daily list too. I wrote in the writing projects that are due this week so that I remember what I need to be writing about and do that first when I sit down at the keyboard.


I’ve tried out some interesting cleaning schedules/programs/apps in the past. I start out pretty good, but some of them are pretty lengthy lists. I sat down and made my own basic list. Slip it in a page protector and now I can use a dry-erase marker to check things off! With this posted on my fridge I have a quick, visual reminder of what needs to be done.


I didn’t wind up actually cutting anything out of my lists since I keep them as simple as possible anyway. However, I did tweak things a bit so that top priorities are clearly listed. (Helpful for those days when my brain can’t seem to remember anything!)

One of my favorite things from this chapter was when Tricia talked about having a mantra:

I want to live the type of life I want to write about. I want to serve others with the love of Jesus pouring through me. It’s a simple goal, but the meaning behind it carries my steps throughout the day.”

When pondering what I wanted my mantra to be, I thought about Mom. I want to leave the kind of legacy that she did, so I thought about what made her such a wonderful woman. That’s how I came up with this:


That’s the principle I want to base my days on. That’s the kind of life I want to live.

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